Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A new school year.....

And so it begins…..

I can’t believe that Max is a second grader this year. I vividly remember Mrs. Wilson and my second grade year. Am I really this dang old? I guess I am. At least having an 8 year old son allows me to pretend like I am young again. Max has recently taken up skateboarding, which has allowed me dabble in BMX. Max is brave and tries new tricks all the time. I am not so brave. So far, I just go up the ramp and down the ramp. Very little air can be seen between my tires and the ground. 38 year old bones break more easily than 8 year old bones, or so I hear. I’ll try to get some video up of Max skateboarding soon. It’s cool to see him learning to do new things (just like any other kid). Oh yeah, I’ll try to get some pictures of his new board up as well. It was the envy of the skate park last Sunday! Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that Max earned his yellow belt at Elite Martial Arts a couple of weeks ago. I’ll post some pictures, along with a video of him breaking a wooden board. (By the way, I know Max will do a great job and put 110% in to this school year!)

Claire has a new teacher in her pre-school program at Mama Leer Hearing School this semester. Her name is Ms. Kelley. We will miss Ms. Katie, but I’m sure that Kelly will do an excellent job with Claire as well. Claire is coming along nicely with her speech. She is perfectly capable of using complete sentences when she “wants to”. She still has a bad habit of using jargon. I hope that she grows out of that habit this year. Thankfully, she will be able to attend Mama Leer next year for kindergarten as well. That will give her two more years of development before attending a “main stream” school (hopefully David Lipscomb). I’m drawing a blank on any funny new things that Claire is doing. She has become quite the chatterbox on our rides home from school. She wants either Max or me to constantly engage with her on these trips. Since both of us are tired from a long day, I’m not sure that we always do a great job. Max typically plays along for 5-10 minutes and then gets annoyed. He just wants to rest his brain after a long day of listening. We all love Claire. She rules the Hawkins household (at least she thinks she does).

On a side note, I am frustrated with Max’s FM situation. We have been trying to get the stupid thing fixed for over a year, with no success. I think that the problem has finally been diagnosed and we will be able to use it again soon (even though Max doesn’t want to).

There is no new news to report on Max going bi-lateral. Guess we need to pray about it more. Couldn’t hurt. Right?



EmmaVerdona124 said...

maybe you could do a trade in for a new FM system? I traded in my old FM for the new one which is the Phonak inspiro this year (March 2010)

take a look

(I'm 15)
BTW, my old transmitter was the Campus S which I had since 4th grade!
I'm also in the AMS services since I'm in public school (Audio Maintenance System)

Greg said...

Thanks Emma. We will check it out!!