Friday, July 16, 2010

The Dog Days Of Summer......

It’s been a while. I guess nothing really new and exciting has happened in the life of the Hawkins family lately. We just spend most of our time being busy and attempting to get by like everyone else. I think a nice trip out to the Advanced Bionics headquarters in California would break up the monotony nicely!

Let’s see… So far this summer, Max has attended Vanderbilt University’s soccer camp (where he received camper of the week, 2 years running!), Lipscomb University’s baseball camp and has started training in Mixed Martial Arts. He will also attend Lipscomb’s soccer camp next week. I believe in keeping his summers busy. Too many video games and too much TV make kids mushy!! Oh yeah. Max turned 8 a few weeks ago. We installed a new basketball goal in our back yard to celebrate.

We still have not made a decision on a second implant for Max. I go back and forth. It’s easy for me to mentor others and push other families toward multiple implants, but when it comes down to my kid (who is doing very well with one) it’s much tougher. I won’t bore you with the emotions again, but the decision making process sucks. (pardon my French)….

Claire has been attending Mama Leer Hearing School at Vanderbilt University all summer. She continued with Ms. Katie for the first session and has since moved on to Ms. Kelley. THANK YOU KATIE FOR ALL THAT YOU DID FOR CLAIRE!!! There is a special place in heaven for teachers like you! Oh. Alicia! I don’t want to leave you out. You have really helped us turn baby Claire in to a little lady. Thanks for all you do.

Claire’s vocabulary continues to grow and she can even use it when she wants to. It’s the “want to” that seems to be her problem. She is much to content with using “jargon” most of the time. I know she does it because jargon is easier than concentrating on using her real words. Stubborn girl! Kudos to my wife Stephanie for working in therapy with her busy schedule. I think she is probably the best mom ever!

I’m trying to think of something funny that Claire did lately….. Hmmm…. Oh yeah! She now bites Bruno The Dog on his ear whenever she feels like torturing him! That poor dog. He really takes a beating from Claire (not literally). They have such a love/hate relationship.

As I may have mentioned before, Steph and I are both training for a ½ marathon in California which takes place Halloween weekend. Whish me luck. If you want to check out the race website, it is . I that there is a link to my running blog on this site, if you get really bored. See ya!


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