Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blizzard 2010 !!!!!

Well, I haven’t seen this much snow in Nashville since the mid-nineties! We usually get a couple of dustings every year, but a 6” snow is a pretty rare event. People from up north will probably laugh, but school was shut down on Friday and I closed up the warehouse around 10am. You guys just don’t understand. People in the south “freak out” when it snows. I’m guessing that it would have taken me over an hour to get home if I had worked all day ( 7 mile drive ). My dad, who lives in Chattanooga, said that it took him over three hours to get home from work on Friday! That was probably about an eight or nine mile drive.

We had a big time when we woke up on Saturday. I got my snow gear out and set forth on a little adventure to check out the roads. They were pretty dicey, but my little all wheel drive Subaru was a champ. I could barely make it slide even when I tried to do it on purpose. I came back home, picked up the kids and the wife and headed for the sledding slopes of Crockett Park. I bet there were fifty or sixty people sledding when we arrived. Everyone was having a blast. A few people even had some snow ramps built for sled jumping!

After a while, we decided that Crockett Park was too tame, so we headed for the hill at Edmonson Elementary School. Now this is a pretty steep hill. Luckily, there is a little ditch at the bottom which slows you down before you hit the road. The first few rides were great. They were super fast and super smooth. Unfortunately, my luck did not last. Claire and I decided to take a run together. A few seconds after we got started, our disk turned around backwards. This would have been fine, but I did not see the dip that was quickly approaching. We hit the dip doing about 100 mph and were thrown in to a serious back flip. I did not land on Claire, but I did land on my face. It was pretty embarrassing to arrive back at the top of the hill spitting out blood from a busted lip! Claire was a little shaken up and chose to sit out the rest of the runs. Max was a machine. He could have sledded for several more hours.

A quick aside….We dropped out AB “ears” in the snow several times and they are still working fine!

Anyway, we had a great weekend. We had a blast in the snow, Kentucky creamed Vanderbilt, the Predators thrashed the Thrashers and Chris Smith delivered a great sermon at Harpeth Hills. On to work tomorrow. Here’s to praying for a good week!

See ya! Greg

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