Saturday, May 16, 2009

Random Thoughts

I think we have a meeting with Claire's ENT next week. I wonder if we will begin the journey of a second implant? If we begin it with her, I wonder if we will begin it with Max. How do these things creep up on me?

Max is a super reader! His first two years at David Lipscomb have truly been a blessing. I'm pretty sure that Mrs. Felts and Mrs. Seay are angels sent from Heaven. Praise God for their hearts.

Max is signed up for 4 sport camps this summer. Vandy soccer, Vandy baseball, Lipscomb baseball and Lipscomb soccer. Either we are crazy or he will have an outstanding few weeks.

We went to Claire's class picnic and yearly reunion today. We saw Ellie, Jase and Henry. Where does the time go? All of the Mama Lear graduates seem to be doing awesome! Vanderbilt has a great program. Thank you to all of the deaf education teachers.

I am so proud of Max and Claire. If only I had Max's heart and Claire's iron will (Claire has a sweet heart too!). Everyone could learn a thing or two from both of these kids. Max never has an unkind word for anyone and is always eager to include other kids. He knows that he belongs and loves God. Claire has a determination that will serve her well throughout her life. I know that as she encounters trials, she will pass them with flying colors. She is my little trooper.

Institutions blessed by God: Egleston Children's' Hospital, The Auditory Verbal Center of Atlanta, Mama Lere Hearing School, Vanderbilt Children's' Hospital, David Lipscomb Elementary School, Advanced Bionics

Anyway, thanks to all of our readers. I appreciate your comments and especially your prayers. Talk to you soon!

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Samantha Brilling said...

Wow, 4 sports camps! Sounds like he's going to have a fun summer!! :)