Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Where were we?

Where were we? Oh yeah. I think that I had everyone depressed and that I was feeling sorry for myself. Well, let's continue Max's story and begin to brighten things up a little.

As my head was about to explode from the bomb that Stephanie had just dropped on me, she gave me a glimmer of hope in almost the same breath that sent me in to the darkness (that is just like her to be positive in a crappy situation). I think that I was babbling something about sign language when I actually started listening to what Stephanie was telling me. Edie our wonderful audiologist who worked in conjunction with Piedmont Hospital, quickly informed Stephanie about a miracle technology that could help the deaf hear. It was called a cochlear implant. "A cochlear implant?" I thought. "I've never heard of it. What in the world is it? Some kind of bionic ear?" Even with this new, somewhat positive thought in my head, I don't think that I calmed down much for a while. I told Stephanie to come straight home and that I wanted to see my baby. The time that passed while I was waiting for Stephanie and Max to get home is pretty vague to me. I remember all of the emotions that I mentioned in my earlier post, but nothing specific. Everything is just kind of a blur.

Anyway, Stephanie arrived a short time after our phone conversation. We cried together, hugged each other and held our newborn Max tightly. I know that Stephanie prayed for him, but I'm pretty sure that I was too mad at the time to do the same. Stephanie was obviously somewhat devastated, just as I was, but being the dad gummed optimist that she is, as soon as she regained her composure she began to tell me more about the cochlear implant. "Greg. They can put a computer chip inside his head! It has a wire that connects to his auditory nerve and allows him to hear! Edie said that the surgery is no more invasive than getting your tonsils out. She said that one of best pediatric ear nose and throat surgeons in the whole world works right here in Atlanta and that he could probably perform the surgery!"

God was beginning to work on my heart and to bless our lives through our precious son Max.

Stay tuned for more. I have to go to bed now. Max's sister, Claire hasn't let us sleep much the past few nights. See ya.


elizabeth said...

This is a fantastic blog, thank you for sharing your story! I hope you'll consider adding it to the aggregator at Deaf Village (www.deafvillage.com) -- we'd love to have you as part of our community!

Edie Gibson said...

Hello Hawkins family! You guys certainly are on an excellent adventure! I was surprised to see my name mentioned. You made my whole career! Thanks for the kudos - but you guys have made the difference to Max and Claire. I look forward to reading more and seeing more photos. Max is so big! When did that happen? Edie

Greg Hawkins said...

Hi Eddie,

I hope you didn't mind me using your name.